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The facet at the tip of the pavillion of a gemstone. The culets of older, European-cut diamonds can be seen through the table of the diamond and appear as round, glassy disks. The preferred culet is visible only as a tiny focal point where the facets of the pavilion converge.

The edges of a gemstone above the girdle and surrounding the table. Colored light escapes through the crown in the form of fire.

The narrow band around the widest part of a diamond. The setting in a piece of jewelry usually grasps the diamond around the girdle.

The bottom portion of a diamond, extending from the girdle to the culet.

The largest facet of a gemstone, located on the top of the gemstone, through which refracted light escapes as brilliance.
The most valuable diamonds are completely colorless. The only exceptions are rare stones with a strong tint of color, such as the canary diamond. Two principal color grading systems are in use.
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This indicates the size and weight of a diamond. One carat us equivalent to 100 points or 200 milligrams.
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Clarity Indicates the degree to which a diamond is free from inclusions or imperfections. It is rated on a scale ranging from flawless, the most valuable, to imperfect, the least valuable. cut.
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This indicates the style or form in which the diamond has been fashioned. To produce the greatest fire and brilliance it is important that a diamond be precision cut to a high degree of accuracy. Diamonds are cut in several different shapes. The most popular shape is the round or brilliant cut.
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Before approaching the four "C"s, we'd like to introduce you to the diamond certificate, or grading report. A grading report documents all the characteristics of an individual diamond, including the four "C"s, as seen through a high-powered microscope by a gemologist. Before purchasing a diamond, you should review a copy of its certificate, as this is your only guarantee of the quality and value of that diamond.
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