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Diamond is the birthstone of April & anniversary gemstone for the 10th and 60th years of marriage.


Diamond was discovered in 500 B.C. in India. The name "diamond" comes from the Greek word "adamas" which means unconquerable, suggesting the eternity of love. Since ancient Greece, diamonds have been the traditional symbol of love. The ancients believed they were hardened dew drops, splinters from the stars or crystallized lightening.

A diamond, the hardest substance known to man, is a crystallized carbon which has unique powers of light reflection. Because it is composed of a single element, a diamond is the purest of all gemstones. A Diamond is typically about 99.95 percent carbon. A Diamond is a colorless stone. Some other occasional colors are, blue, yellow, amber, red, green, and pink. Please, look through our Diamonds Section for more information on Diamonds.

Stone Lore

Diamonds are a symbol of strength, power, innocence and incorruptibility, longevity, constancy, and good fortune. Diamond lore that claims the gem drives away madness and protects against ghosts, chimeras, enchantments and sorcery.

There are also the famously cursed diamonds, like the Hope Diamond, as well as an old Persian belief that the diamond was a source of sin and sorrow, which is not so unreasonable, considering how much blood has been shed in the mining, selling, and acquiring of the precious stone.

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