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Topaz is the birthstone of November and the sign of Sagittarius. Blue Topaz is the anniversary gemstone for the 4th and 23rd year of marriage.


Topaz is a silicate mineral of aluminium and fluorine. Topaz gets its name from the island Topazios in the Red Sea. Topazios is a Greek word meaning to guess. This suited the island well as it was often obscured by fog, making it difficult for early navigators to find. Sanskrit scholars found reference to the word topas or tapaz, meaning “fire.”

The ancient Greeks believed that topaz gave them strength. For the Egyptians topaz was a very powerful amulet against harm, because they believed that topaz was a gemstone colored with the golden glow of the mighty sun god Ra. The Romans associated topaz with Jupiter, who also is the god of the sun. Legend has it that it dispels all enchantment and helps to improve eyesight. The ancient Greeks believed that it had the power to increase strength and make its wearer invisible in times of emergency. Topaz was also said to change color in the presence of poisoned food or drink. It was said to cure insomnia, asthma, and hemorrhages.

Topaz sometimes has the amber gold of fine cognac or the blush of a peach and all the beautiful warm browns and oranges in between. Some rare and exceptional topaz are pale pink to a sherry red. The most famous topaz is a giant specimen set in the Portuguese Crown, the Braganza. There is also a beautiful topaz set in the Green Vault in Dresden, one of the world's important gem collections. Color Brown, yellow, orange, sherry, red and pink topaz is found in Brazil and Sri Lanka. Pink topaz is found in Pakistan and Russia. Today we also have blue topaz, which has a pale to medium blue color created by irradiation. Pale topaz which is enhanced to become blue is found in Brazil, Sri Lanka, Nigeria, and China.

In early 1998, a new type of enhanced topaz made its appearance, the surface-enhanced topaz, with colors described as blue to greenish-blue or emerald green. Blue topaz has become a popular alternative in recent years for those who prefer faceted stones.

Stone Lore

The ancient Greeks believed topaz bestowed strength to its wearer. It was worn as an amulet to ward off enchantment, dispel sadness and strengthen intellect. Legend has it that it dispels all enchantment and helps to improve eyesight. Topaz was believed to assure beauty, fidelity and long life.

Until the late 16th century all yellow stones were called topaz. Topaz occurs naturally in many colors: yellow, orange, brown, red pink, light blue, pale green and colorless. The blue shades (sky, swiss and london) are very popular in jewelry today. Sources include Brazil, Mexico, Pakistan, the US, Sri Lanka and Russia. Some of the yellow, orange and brown topaz are heated to produce pink or red. All blue topaz is irradiated and/or heated to attain its blue color.

Blue topaz symbolizes honesty, clarity of feelings, and deep emotional attachment. Topaz soothes, heals, stimulates, recharges, re-motivates and aligns thus directing energy to where it is needed most. It promotes truth and forgiveness. Topaz brings joy, generosity, abundance and good health. Topaz is known as a stone of good fortune and love.

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